“The reality is that a godly marriage and a godly relationship is not #goals. It’s just not.”

If you grew up in a Christian home, there’s a good chance that “godly relationship” was as frequent a phrase around the table as “pass the butter.”

As Christ followers, we know that it’s important to put God first and at the core of our relationships and marriages, but as newlywed Jordan Lee points out, our ideal of this pursuitmay actually be missing the mark.

She shared her powerful message in a viral Facebook post that couldtotally revolutionize the way you view yourpursuit of relationships:

I want to say something that seriously needs to be said. Because I know you think you want a godly relationship. And if you’ve got one I bet you’re comparing it to someone else’s in real life…or on the Internet.

I think the longing for a godly relationship really clouds our minds. And while I agree we shouldn’t settle for less, I think we need to realize that a godly relationship does not equal God.

So I’m just going to be really real in saying that if you really knew us, you’d know that our relationship wouldn’t totally qualify as “godly”. No ones would. Because we’re not holy or above anything or anyone. We have to face sin in one another. We have to accept and shuffle through brokenness. We’re just people. Broken people with brokenness wrapped up in every embrace.

And we desperately need GOD, not a godly relationship.

Because a real godly relationship is NOT two righteous people without struggle. It’s two broken people who simply admit their state of desperation and their need for grace.

But we don’t talk about that enough. Our hearts see all the snuggling and loving and perfect little church couples and say “aww I want THAT.” But the hard truth is what your heart really wants isn’t THAT. It’s more of God that it really wants. And we think somehow a godly relationship is what will meet that want.

Facebook/Jordan Lee

The reality is that a godly marriage and a godly relationship is not #goals. It’s just not. God is.

God is goals. He’s what we really want and when brokenness reveals itself, like it recently has between Matt & I, we realize that again.

Because we’ve got issues just like you do.

So if you’re discouraged, save what I’m about to say and stick it on your mirror or on your forehead til it becomes a part of you: a godly relationship should not become YOUR goal nor your god.

Because you’ll discover that in the middle of it, there’s brokenness & it’ll let ya down. You’ll find that cuteness isn’t goals. We aren’t goals. Godly relationships aren’t goals. Just GOD IS #GOALS. Just Him. That’s it.



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