Participating in physically oriented memes can be difficult. It doesnt matter if its the Ice Bucket Challenge or planking: When you combine the viral with the physical, it can occasionally produce a pretty volatile concoction.

For example, earlier this month,a ghost pepper challenge almost tore a hole in a mans esophagus. I mean, thats a place where you really do not want a hole.

Places you DO want a hole are as follows: in your butt, in your vagina, in your nose (2) and in your ears (2).

Such is the case with one young woman,Mary-Kate Dole. Shereally wanted to make a video of herself and a friend doing whatever the fuck this is:

The move doesnt have an official name, so Id suggest The Perpetually Perfectly Matched Wrestling Championship.

That, or just The Four-Legged Donkey Tantrum. Either of those would be entirely adequate.

Its extremely hard to pull off. In fact, most of the time, it just ends up looking like this:

And yet, because this is America and because in this country, we do not give up people are still trying to do it.

Mary-Kate Dole posted this text exchange with a friend about wanting to attempt the dance move:

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