Kathy Miller thinks racism did not exist before Barack Obama became president.Kathy Miller is also the campaign chair for Donald TrumpinMahoning County, Ohio.

She was interviewed as part of a video series by the Guardianthat explores how bizarre our American presidential election has become this year.

Paul Lewis from the Guardian realized that pretty much everybody at a Republican event was white. So, he asked Miller about it.

She started by insinuating that African-Americans dont vote. In fact, black voters had a higher turnout rate in the 2012 election than white voters did.

Then, Lewis asked if Trumps candidacy allows for below-the-surface racism to come out. Miller dropped a bold claim in response, saying, I dont think there was any racism until Obama got elected.

Because, uh, you know, America doesnt have a noted history of slavery and civil rights and discrimination in job hiring and zoning laws and police stops. Cool story, bro.

Miller said that since Obama came to office, there have been people shooting up neighborhoods and not being responsible citizens. She said that Obama perpetuated that philosophy.

After these statements,Lewis looked like this:

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