What happens when a couple of young girls want to make a video of themselves dancing to Whip it/Nae Nae?

Well, if they have a father like this, then they better look behind them! This is too funny as these girls father sneaks into the dance video telling the camera man to not tell on him, and then he starts performing dance moves unbeknownst to the girls who trying their best to show off for the camera. And the dad is actually not too bad! I mean, he even seems to out dance his own daughters! He seriously must have been practicing in his den in preparation for this!

The amazing thing is how long he lasted before the girls realized he had creeped into the background of their dance video. Once they find out, they freak out! DAD!

Totally hilarious and a big win for dads everywhere as this guy clearly showed his daughters (once they review the footage) that the old man can indeed move and definitely knows how to nae nae with the best of them! Awesome!

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