I am a fantastic human being, and I love to surround myself exclusively withother fantastic people. Needless to say, my best friend in the whole wide world must bepretty f*cking awesome, since outof all the fantastic people I have chosen for my inner circle, she is the BEST.

So when people disrespect her in any way, shape or form, I obviously have a little bit of a problem.

Okay, scratch that. I have a LOT of problems.

The thing is, she’s way too much of a kind, sweet, loving angel to hate these people. But I am not. So here are 39 people I hate on behalf of my BFF.

1. Her ex.

Like, in what world would you ever think it’s a bad ideato date her?!?

2. The girl he used to cheat on her with.

That disgusting homewrecker doesnt hold a candle to my sweet, smart, hilarious, fabulous bestie.

3. Theparents who werent around when they should have been.

She may forgive her dad for being too busy to be at her graduation, but I DONT.

4. Her competition at work.

F*cking Janice needs to COOL it before I break into the office and give her a talking to.

5. Her frenemy.

Sure, she can still pretend to like that girl every once in a while. But I don’t have to be fake to love that backstabbing bitch.

6. The girl who spread that rumor about her in high school.

Hey, Lizzy, I basically lived with her, so I can tell you, for a fact, she wasnt sleeping with your boyfriend. But what I CAN tell you is that youre an insufferable C U Next Tuesday.

7. The boy who broke her heart in middle school.

I will always and forever blame that twerp Jimmy Roberts (the one who laughed at her when she gave him the card she made) for all her boy issues.

8. The guy who took her on a fantastic date and NEVER CALLED HER AGAIN.

Realistically, hes dead. And if not, he will be.

9. The extremely disgusting guy hitting on her at the bar.

Shes obviously taken, you nimrod. LOOK AT HER.

10. The dating app creeps who hit her up.

No, Johnny T, 24, she is not gonna come sit on your face “2night.

11. The girl who called her fat in seventhgrade.

She might be over it, but thinking about that little brat still makes my blood BOIL.

12. The boss who fired her.

How DARE you?! She was the best, most hardworking, fabulous employee you have EVER had.

13. The client who dropped her account.

Yeah, okay. Good luck finding someone who genuinely believed in your bullsh*t brand like she did.

14. The Uber driver who gave her a bad rating.

Oh cmon, Robert, as if you’ve NEVER gotten a little queasy on the ride home before?!

15. The f*ckboy she doesnt realize is a f*ckboy.

Hes not funny. Hes not cool. Hes just a d*ck, and I HATE him for conning you into thinking hes anything but that.

16. The teacher who told her she couldnt.

Jokes on you, Mr. Tomarello.Not only did she not deserve that D in English, shes also a FANTASTIC writer now.

17. The boyfriend who doesnt appreciate her enough.

Im sorry, did you not realize that you were dating the BEST human on the face of the Earth!?

18. The friend who blatantly uses her.

Ashley doesnt want to hang out. Ashley wants to use you for your car. You might not see it, but I do, and I F*CKING HATE THAT B*TCH.

19. The friend who talks sh*t about her behind her back.

Classic Ashley just being the WORST.

20. Her really judgmental family member.

Hey, Aunt Judy, maybe shes single because she WANTS to be.

21. Her passive-aggressive roommate.

If you have something to say, Kristen, F*CKING SAY IT, and STOPslamming the door in her face.

22. Her boss who refuses to promote her.

The only logical explanation is shes intimidated by her raw talent, amiright?!

23. Themother who squashed her dreams.

Because you know she would have madean EXCELLENT ballerina if she’d chosen to be.

24. The douche she lost her virginity to.

Maybe after you take a sweet, young angel of a girls virginity, you could call her the next day. Just a thought.

25. The friend who leaves her when she gets too drunk.

SHE LEFT YOU WHERE?!?! Evil. Absolutely evil to the core.

26. The friend trying to take your place.

I am her best friend you annoying poser.

27. The stupid b*tch who conned her into buying this acne cream at the mall.

FYI, her skin is flawless. So you can HOP OFF and give her that$75 back.

28. The sorority girls who didnt let her in.

Probably because they were worried she would outshine the rest of them.

29. The ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend.

Can she please stop texting him? ITS INAPPROPRIATE. Like, she can pretend it doesnt bother her, but I dont have to play it cool for anyone here.

30. Her ex’s current girlfriend.

I feel more pity than hate for her, since she hasto fill such GIANT shoes.

31. Her roommates boyfriend who NEVER leaves.

You pay rent for an apartment of your own. SPEND TIME THERE.

32. Anybody who made her do anything she wasnt comfortable with EVER.


33. Her exs family.

In what world is this beautiful, angel, goddess, princess not good enough for your f*ckboy son?!

34. The person who made a rude comment to her at work.

Oh, she looks tired today? At least she doesnt look like a haggard bitch.

35. The guy who stood her up.

Unless hismother was literally on fire, there is no logical excuse.

36. The guy who ghosted her.


37. Any guy who has ever rejected her, EVER.

I pitythese people’s very obvious mental ailments.

38. The girls who made her insecure.

Its fine if you girls want to be self-loathing idiots, but WHY must you insist on bringing her down with you?!

39. The guy who wont let her move on.

Its like he has a tracker on her. Oh, hold on, Noras moving on time to F*CK SH*T UP.

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