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Well, this socialist party probably regrets posting a job opening on the Internet.

The Freedom Socialist Party, which is based in Seattle, recently listed a job opening for a Web Content Manager on Indeed.

The part time, telecommuting job all seems very standard, but it only comes with pay at “$13.00/hr or more depending upon experience/skills, plus benefits.”

Here’s the punchline: The Freedom Socialist Party makes the living wage a crucial part of its platform. And for the FSP, $15 is the lowest amount per hour that’s considered ethical.

It’s funny how great that idea sounds until the party actually needs to hire someone and still balance its budget.

Keep in mind, this isn’t an administrator. The group asks for a sophisticated graphic design expert but also wants the prospective employee to complete “light custodial” work and answer phones.

The party’s been especially active in regards to upcoming general elections in California and, more specifically, San Francisco.

It recommends that voters vote “yes” on SF Proposition J, which raises the minimum wage immediately to $12.25 and to $15 by 2018.

In fact, the party even calls this a “weak” reform, adding,

$15 per hour is 66 cents less than a single, childless adult living in San Francisco should earn to cover food, housing, healthcare and other essentials. For a single mother with two children, the deficit is even greater; $15 per hour won’t cover her family’s most critical needs.

The party has not yet commented on its job posting, but its response is sure to hinge on the “or more” part of the salary.

H/T: Free Beacon, Photo Courtesy: Twitter

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