Oh dear. Why? Is nothing sacred?! The @BarackObama Twitter feed (now run by “independent” Organizing for Action. Wink, wink) tweeted that out this morning, to the chagrin of many baseball fans. Must he ruin that too? With his mom jeans and girly throwing, to boot!

Don’t wreck Opening Day for us, Mom Jeans. “@barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…

— MichelleInCal(@MichelleInCAL) April 1, 2013

#MomJeans RT @barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…

— T.S. Gatlin (@TSGatty) April 1, 2013

Sick mom jeans dude RT @barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…

— Michael Le (@michaelfromtx) April 1, 2013

Nice mom jeans.RT @barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…

— Carlos (@ticogringopaisa) April 1, 2013

Mom jeans go!”@barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…

— Dusty Metzgar (@Baseball_Dusty) April 1, 2013

“@barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…” your form is shit, Barry.

— Drew Robbins (@D__Robb47) April 1, 2013

“@barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…” Wow. Obama throws like a girl. #LOL

— Matt Geving (@MattGeving) April 1, 2013

@barackobama try not to throw like a girl this year

— mfpTrillz (@mfpTrillz) April 1, 2013

@barackobama yea he’s ready for everything but doing his job lol

— Mike Thibodeaux (@thib1145) April 1, 2013

Heh. It’s not just his poor form and poor fashion choices, either. Hey, buddy, what about doing your job?

@barackobama go do something productive for our country

— Hayden Messer ® (@HaydenMe52er) April 1, 2013

@barackobama Good to see you’re hard at work.Any plans to do your job any time soon?

— Eoj Trebor Rehtneug (@EojTrebor) April 1, 2013

@barackobama ready for opening day to fix the national debt?

— Bryan H (@FORDTough1998) April 1, 2013

@barackobama how about u go calm north korea down instead of throwing bullpen sessions?

— Jeremy lewis (@J_Lew89) April 1, 2013

.@barackobama yeah if you could do your job instead of watching baseball that’d be great

— Chuck Scrimalli (@PrinceCHARL3S) April 1, 2013

“@barackobama: Ready for Opening Day.…” our country is in a crisis. And Obama is playing baseball.

— Dylan Wilkerson (@der_is_a_beast) April 1, 2013

@barackobama yeah Opening Day!!! Nevermind you haven’t passed a budget since you came to office, unemployment and our deficit, Go Baseball!!

— Fist Impression (@FistImpression) April 1, 2013

@barackobama how about you focus on doing your job insted of going to baseball and basketball games

— Kyle Chatfield (@KyleChatfield) April 1, 2013

Today is @mlb Opening Day…And we are still waiting for @barackobama‘s budget.

— GOP Conference (@gopconference) April 1, 2013

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