Oh he’s mindful.

Of himself.

So, as Twitchy reported, Chuck Todd debuted as host of “Meet the Press” Sunday morning. And then this happened:!/ByronYork/status/508614423242899457!/ZekeJMiller/status/508613827211309057

He shouldn’t have scurried off to the golf course after journalist James Foley was beheaded nor after his lame and pitiful statement on the beheading because theater.!/JimmyPrinceton/status/508631640470339584

Oh well then. Will he at least take the sickening fist bump out of his next performance?

There really are no words to describe this disgrace of a man.!/trailortrash/status/508631888387670016!/vonbeasley/status/508628264827752448!/beebobaby/status/508628477361520641!/winstoncoolidge/status/508632022508900353

It sure is.!/GretchenInOK/status/508629425353543680

Bingo. That’s the cold hard truth.


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