Is Team St. Kitts and Nevis aiming to bring home the gold for overreaction?

Wow! Can't believe that @kimcollins100m has been sent home from #Olympics by St Kitts for spending night in hotel with his wife. Crazy.

— Susan Swarbrick (@SusanSwarbrick) August 4, 2012

Former 100-meter world champion Kim Collins will not be permitted to run in tonight’s 100-meter Olympic heat. A team spokesman said he is being disciplined for breaking the rules by leaving the Olympic village.

Collins says he was simply visiting his wife.

Just found out that legend of the sport that is @kimcollins100m has been banned from competing today for staying with his wife last night.

— Leo (@decath10n) August 4, 2012

Collins broke the news to his Twitter followers today, tweeting that he will no longer represent his country.

I hope there is an officials race.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

For those who saw me run in Mexico. That's the last time I represent my country.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

Even men in prison get their wives to visit.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

6 athletes and 9 officials. That ain't enough to make some people happy. Omg.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

My fans. I won't lie. Won't be running later tonight @LO2012

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

I don't I can express my feelings. But thanks for the support. All I want to do is to run.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

This is what I've been doing all my life.

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

Collins also retweeted this:

@kimcollins100m Aussie man and wife can't stay together. But bowls of condoms in the foyer of the dorms. Screw who you want but not yr wife.

— Tim Andrew Jarrett (@timjarrett67) August 4, 2012

More from his Facebook page:

From the man his self @kimcollins100m clarifying that st kits aint letting him run just for wanting to be with his wife

— Callum Roughneen (@CallumY2R) August 4, 2012

Fellow Olympian Lolo Jones has his back.

Its a disgrace what happened to u RT @kimcollins100m I don't I can express my feelings.But thanks for the support.All I want to do is to run

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) August 4, 2012

And fans are infuriated by the decision.

Still raging about @kimcollins100m – what a joke…except it's not at all funny. Brilliant ambassador for T&F and this is how he is treated

— Melissa Brookes (@hallcarpet) August 4, 2012

@kimcollins100m You are a legend. Don't let some pencil pusher tarnish the end of your career. Stay. Run. Please.

— Ben Moorhouse (@BenDMoorhouse) August 4, 2012

@kimcollins100m Feel really sorry for you man!! It's an outrage!! I'm Pakistan and I was waiting eagerly for a legend like you to compete!

— Mohammed Zia (@Mo_Zia) August 4, 2012

i really feel for @kimcollins100m , rules are fine if they have a purpose, that one is just a rule for the sake of having a rule. #stupid

— Jill Blair (@jillblair) August 4, 2012

Noooooooooo :'( @SportsMaxZone RT @kimcollins100m: For those who saw me run in Mexico. That's the last time I represent my country.

— Alexis Nunes (@alexisenunes) August 4, 2012

Absolutely gutted for @kimcollins100m. Genuinely one of the nicest blokes in athletics and a bona fide legend to boot. #oneofthegoodguys

— George Brunel Hawes (@GeorgeBHawes) August 4, 2012

Will fan outrage be enough to make team management reconsider the decision?


A team statement cites “repeated absences” as the reason Collins is being sent home from the Olympic games.

Kim Collins departure 'down 2 repeated absences from training & refusing 2 respond 2 phone calls by Team Manager' St Kitts Olympic Committee

— Dionne Grant (@DionneGrant) August 4, 2012

More from ESPN:

The team says Collins was disciplined for “repeated absences from training sessions and also for refusing to respond to repeated phone calls and emails.”

A team statement says: “Furthermore, Mr. Collins did not make an appearance for registration for his events at the Olympic Village.”


How did Collins spend the day after getting the boot?

had a great day shopping with my wife. felt great to get away..

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

im a married man, this means that i signed the ultimate contract to forsake all others for my wife. plain and simple..

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 4, 2012

I put god above everything and my wife above everyone, if not, what kind of man would i be?

— kim collins (@kimcollins100m) August 5, 2012


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