Tonight is the annual Kid’s Choice Awards hosted by Nickelodeon. It’s a time when the youngest among us can have their say in what entertainment star they like best. Each award winner at the KCA’s is doused with green slime. So, if you have a kid in your house, you may want to prepare to hand over the remote control.

drama about the KCA's……………………………………..y am i not surprised.

— marwa (@insertswaghere) March 31, 2012

Performing at the KCA's today..rehearsals were fun. Should be good!! Tune in!

— Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) March 31, 2012

<– @Savan_Kotecha: Who's gonna watch @onedirection on the KCA's tonight?!?!

— fireproof af (@9ForeignFools) March 31, 2012

I'm only watching the KCA's cause a kpop group will be there. GO WONDER GIRLS.

— kronk ✨ (@Meggooooooo) March 31, 2012

Going out for a bit. I'll definitely be back before the KCA'S though. 🙂

— Concetta Neville (@Connie00000) March 31, 2012

watching KCA'S for two reasons. 1. to see if justin is going. 2. to watch the drama there will be on my TL

— idk (@calsaussie) March 31, 2012

If I wanna watch the KCA's carpet bit I gotta stay up till like 1 ;(

— Sophie (@LazyFanSoap) March 31, 2012

Today Is the KCA's,Directioners be prepared for the new 'fans'.Cherish this last day because after this,our fandom will never be the same…

— WWA (@We_1D_Army) March 31, 2012


— abigail adwoa• (@Flawless_Rauhl) March 31, 2012

RT if you are watching the KCA's just because 1D will be there. x

— k (@wtvrkatelyn) March 31, 2012

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