Its always interesting to see what celebs eat to maintain their banging bods.

If youve been keeping up with your favorite Kardashians, its not hard to see these ladies are looking better than ever these days.

Remember when we gave you a glimpse of the new diet Kim Kardashian used to shed some pounds?

Well, it turns out Kim isnt the only Kardashian whos on an interesting meal plan.

Khlo Kardashian recently revealed what all of her famous sisters typically eat in a day, and you might be surprised to know that all of these ladies follow extremely different, not to mention pretty insane, diets.

On her blog, Khlo wrote,

We all have such different eating habits that sometimes when were trying to choose a restaurant I wonder if were even related. LOL!

As you may have already heard, Kim is on a strict Atkins diet that cuts out most sugar and carbs but allows you to eat meat and dairy.

Khlo commented on Kims Atkins diet:

I like sweets too much and also dont eat red meat or dairy so Im saying hell no to this one!

Khlo then dished out the diet deets on Kendall Jenner, revealing that her model sis maintains her flawless figure by doing nothing special with food at all.

Yeah, I know. Dont you just hate those people who eat whatever the hell they want and always look fabulous?

Khlo wrote that Kendall prefers the anti-model diet and loves munching on all sorts of mouthwatering eats like pizza and In-N-Out burgers.

Therefore, its not hard to see why Kendall is always Khlos go-to girl on cheat day.

It turns out that Kylie Jenners biggest food concern revolves around eating organic foods. Khlo wrote,

Kylie eats like a typical teenager but shes also super aware of what she puts in her body when it comes to fresh and organic foods.

Kourtney Kardashian is also into eating fresh foods. However, unlike Kylie, Kourt is way more strict about what she puts on her plate.

Yep,Kourt only eats organic foods and has cut dairy and gluten completely out of her meals.

Khlo wrote on her blog,

Shes by far the most cray about her diet! I always feel like I need to lock my pantry before she comes over so she doesnt yell at me for whats in it, LOL.

These sisters serve as proof that there isnt one go-to diet that suits every person in the world.

When it comes to dieting, everyone has different needs, so its important to find a healthy eating regiment that works for your lifestyle.

That said, I do think its safe to say most of us would probably kill for Kendalls In-N-Out dieting results. Just saying.

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