You may have witnessed the guilt-ridden expressions on dogs once they are busted eating someone elses food, but what happens when a chipmunk is totally busted in similar fashion?

This guy is nailed as hes been breaking into a backyard bird feeder. When he realizes he is busted, his surprise look is priceless! Not only does this little guy freeze, but slowly he begins spitting out all the stolen feed he was storing in his mouth! The cameraman couldnt help but comment how gross all of his spitting out of food was, but theres no denying that its also more than a bit funny, and even kind of cute. This little guy was probably stocking up on feed for hibernation time. Often they will grab a bunch and store it in their big, puffy cheeks, so they can transport it back to their own home. But this guy feels so much shame that the food slowly dribbles out. You can almost hear him saying, bird feed, what bird feed?

Check out this amazing capture of a chipmunk caught red-handed and his priceless reaction! Share with all of your animal loving friends and family!

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