Hmmm. Funny, that.

On the heels of the latest woman to take the fall for President Pass-the-Buck, other citizens are wondering about and noticing the same thing.!/KennedyNation/status/395638037406687232

Binders full of women? The coward in chief has binders full of under-the-bus women.!/phelony_jones/status/395907069070422016!/phenrypatriot/status/395936008966905856!/aliananiciu/status/395898619380785153!/paulaselke/status/393460431475335168!/mrsjbuck/status/395706953692762112!/phelony_jones/status/395907280891166720

President Boyfriend? He even fails at being boyfriend material. Is there anything, aside from failure itself, at which he excels?!/CeeJayCraig/status/395578830951567360!/KatieJHaller/status/395689050645856256!/jocosob/status/395601778223247361!/neighhay/status/395558078340296704

Bingo. Women need Democrats like a fish needs a bicycle (in your face, Gloria Steinem)!!/surf2Kevin/status/395887488256208896

Nope. Millions more will be thrown under his very busy bus.!/KatiePavlich/status/394887695245512705

War on women? It is waged by the Left, always. What say you, alleged feminists?

We won’t hold our breath.

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