Photobombs: the perfect blend of terrible timing and delightful derpiness. Whether it’s the case of a trickster taking the opportunity to foil their friend’s photo or just a happy coincidence in nature, they’re always hilarious. Say cheese and take a look at some more of our favorites!

1. Smile contest.

2. Beheaded by pigeon, what a way to go.

3. This cat is just REALLY pumped to be on a road trip.

4. That’s one way to make the moment more memorable.

5. The furry guy behind him has never seen a camera before.

6. Sure there’s another little guy around, but don’t forget who was here first.

7. Revolution number derp.

8. “Trying to take a cute pic? Heh heh heh.”

9. The gang’s all here!

10. This guy better watch his back.

11. She’s making a fish face and he’s making a human face. Makes sense to me!

12. This guy is never gonna live this moment down.

13. Grandma is the coolest person in this picture.

14. Love knows no timing.

Wait until you see who popped by in the next one.  Just click next page below to continue.

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