Just two days ago it was “Vampire Diaries” actor Ian Somerhalder who was making accusations of racism against American Airlines. We still don’t know what happened there. What we do know is this: if you have a bad experience on a flight, Twitter can be a great tool to get the airline’s attention — if you’re a celebrity like Seth Rogen with 1.3 million followers.!/united/status/392404374447980544

Rogen also retweeted others’ complaints against the airline to his followers.!/sarahdonzy/status/392403300202446848!/kellyoxford/status/392405224205189120!/Keeeeeley/status/392405058627055617

Isn’t there a day that goes by without a celeb being hassled by an airline? Well, Sunday was pretty quiet, except for David Alan Grier’s rant at American Airlines.!/davidalangrier/status/392110207309840384

Protip: use the airline’s Twitter address and not the hashtag for quicker results.!/AmericanAir/status/392128589270757376

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