“@glennbeck: Great to have you in studios @deionsanders WG…” Uh, oh! Don’t let the tolerant left see this!

— Kregg Janke (@DrActorKJ) May 1, 2013

Too late! As Twitchy reported, NFL analyst and former professional football and baseball player Deion Sanders came out as a Glenn Beck supporter. Those who love truth and freedom applauded the friendship, but haters gotta hate.

@glennbeck @deionsanders mr sanders,aka primetime,please dont give that hateful dude 2 seconds of your even got rid of him thx goat

— jeff robinson (@mnbutter) May 1, 2013

I’m cool with pretty much anyone’s political beliefs, but Deion Sanders openly praising Glenn Beck might be a little much

— Gregory Green (@greg5green) May 1, 2013

@glennbeck @deionsanders Sorry Prime but you just lost me.. when you associate with poison such as Beck you become contaminated.#nobeck

— Mark Hatfield (@hatfield38) May 1, 2013

Discovering via Twitter that Deion Sanders is a Glenn Beck disciple kinda puts a damper on all the fun I’ve had with Twitter over the years.

— Brett (@thecajunboy) May 1, 2013

@deionsanders can’t believe you would go to a show or even take a pic with that racist @glennbeck… Do u really know what this guy says?

— Steven A.(@Steve1906) May 1, 2013

@deionsanders @glennbeck OMG no words for this.SMH

— Patrick O’Rourke (@PK01972) May 1, 2013

Confirmed @deionsanders is a nut job, anyone who RT’s @glennbeck should be taken to the insane asylum. #truth

— Patrick Duncan (@Dunc12Seahawks) May 1, 2013

“@bomani_jones: RT @deionsanders: @glennbeck baby! Truth…“prime time disappointment.

— Shaun silberman(@southpaw954) May 1, 2013

@deionsanders @glennbeck Glenn Beck is a nutbag conspiracy theorist. It’s not too late to be saved from his fear mongering, Prime.

— Toby (@SweetLiverLips7) May 1, 2013

How dare he not walk in lockstep! Glenn Beck was on the receiving end of  jackassery too, natch. You see, there is yet another new entry in the Handbook of Racial Code Words: One of the good guys.

We do all know Glenn Beck really meant to say Deion Sanders is one of the GOOD ONES right. What a fucking joke Deion, but yeah, always.

— NOLArr (@NOLArr) May 1, 2013

One of the good ones, huh? RT @glennbeck . @deionsanders is one of the good guys. We spoke of family, God and doing the right thing…

— W.E.B.B.I.E DuBois (@fivefifths) May 1, 2013

#OneOfTheGoodOnes RT @glennbeck . @deionsanders is one of the good guys. We spoke of family, God and doing the right thing…

— G (@MrGChristopher) May 1, 2013

You know he don’t like you racially right? RT @deionsanders: @glennbeck baby! Truth…

— HARMGAWD(@OG_HARM) May 1, 2013

Talk about speaking in code. RT @glennbeck: . @deionsanders is one of the good guys.We spoke of family, God and doing the right thing…

— Juan(@HueyPercy) May 1, 2013

Code! Probably some dog whistling, too. But, these tweets totally aren’t racist or anything, right tolerance brigade?

@slimk4 this nigga Deion Sanders a Glenn Beck fan

— HARMGAWD(@OG_HARM) May 1, 2013

@groptimusprime @bomani_jones @deionsanders @glennbeck That’s what happens when you get rich.

— #NoMamesWey (@DukeIsPuke) May 1, 2013

@og_harm LMAOOOOOOOO man well ill be damn…well ummm….yea hes just dissociating from blacks i guess

— Slim K (@SlimK4) May 1, 2013


Pathetic, yet sadly predictable.

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