She was rushing around doing the housework when her father got hit with the shocking truth.

You are about to meet a hard-working woman who’s in charge of caring for her child, working full-time, cleaning, cooking, and tending to her husband. When her father comes over for a visit one day, he takes in a potent dose of reality as he notices what her husband is doing while she bustles around the house. What’s more, is that he knows he cannot condemn because he is guilty of the all-too-familiar pattern in his own marriage.

That’s when he decides to write his daughter this letter and make a change for good. This is POWERFUL stuff.

This #ShareTheLoad commercial was made by the ad agency of BBDO’s Mumbai, but instead of just selling detergent, it has become a bold statement about gender double-standardsa problem that is particularly huge in India, though we see it worldwide.

I love the message that this sends to married couples to contribute equally out of love for one another rather than succumbing to culturally-bound stereotypes.

This message is now becoming a viral mantra around the world as husbands and wives alike agree that being in this thing for the “long haul” means sharing the load with one another, in every sense.

What a powerful reminder that the selfless give-and-take in marriage is the glue that holds a lasting relationship together!

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