An epic friendship is a-brewin’ on Twitter, and it’s as vomitrocious as it is enviable.

For starters, Chrissy Teigen has a potentially brutal ingrown hair situation.

The Sports Illustrated model tweeted concern over a friend’s ingrown drama Friday morning.

She quickly confirmed the true identity of her friend.

Suddenly, like an angel in latex gloves, Sandra Lee, AKA Dr. Pimple Popper, swooped in to save Chrissy from her own potential puss-plosion.

Chrissy accepted Dr. PP’s help, though she still expressed some concern over the sheer magnitude of her ingrown.

Fans following the interaction weren’t jealous of Chrissy’s follicle issues, but def want in on the alliance that resulted from it.

Get that sucker out and invite us all to the celebratory drinks we KNOW the two of you are having afterward, plz.

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