It’s close. Why choose one?!/RightWingNerd/status/410452014766641152

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie copping a feel, you say? Oh my:!/BenHowe/status/410449037242818561

The timing of that photo is AWKward. Redditors point out that there’s no actual hand-boob contact — it’s more of a “boob hover.” But is it real?!/mttbry/status/410446849502244864

Real or not, it’s spectacular.!/BenHowe/status/410447905116270592

Make it happen! And let the captioning begin!!/deelzebubb/status/410448641636065281!/ARevFTW/status/410444527024226304!/seanmdav/status/410458554294751232

Photoshoppers, activate!!/BenHowe/status/410452459388010496

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