Betches have a sense of humor that not everyone gets, but once you do it’s like when the girls with the long, straight hair and good nail beds finally let you sit at their lunch table in high school. If you’re not with it then GTFO because clearly you’re not funny enough to sit with us.

  • 1. You don’t take yourself too seriously

    If you can’t take the heat stay out of the sauna – or however that dumb saying goes. Basically if you make fun of your bestie for blacking out on Tequila Thursday again,  then you shouldn't get all offended when she gives you shit for making out with your back burner bro for the fifth time in a row. The beauty of betchy humor and friendship exists in this dynamic so don’t fuck with it.

  • 2. Most people don’t get WTF you and your besties are laughing about

    The level of your humor is so above everyone else’s that sometimes the peasants think you’re crazy for laughing about that tweet. TBH, it’s probably not THAT funny, but when your entire friend group is HAHAHAH DYING about it in the Groupme, you can’t just be like “lol.”

  • 3. Chrissy Teigen is your fav Twitter personality

    Chrissy won betch of the week last summer so she clearly fucking gets us. Her tweets are the most random thoughts to ever be made public and if half of America suddenly decided to tweet similar shit no one would GAF, but she’s a supermodel (a betch) so that helps her cause.

  • 4. You don’t drunk cry, you drunk laugh (unstoppably)

    Most girls hit the bathroom floor after a night of debauchery at the bar, but you and your besties pass around the bong once you get home while tears from laughing so hard fall down your cheeks, ruining your perfect makeup, but like who cares because you’re having a bestie moment.

  • 5. You find most comedy acts lame

    When people show you Aziz Ansari or Dane Cook videos it’s always like that awkward moment when a friend says she has a reallyyyy good song to show you and you fucking hate it, but she’s staring at you with puppy dog eyes excited to hear your reaction. You’re a betch – you’re funny AF and pretending other people are just as funny is a daily struggle you’re faced with.

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